NECFE products

NECFE Overview


We provide educational materials, workshops, direct assistance, and referrals to appropriate organizations, in the following areas:

  • Product Process Development
  • Product Safety Evaluation
  • Guidance in local, state and Federal Regulatory Compliance
  • Linkages to Business Assistance and Potential Financing Sources
  • Referrals to Local Suppliers and Service Providers
  • Funds for loans and grants are not available through this program.


Our team of professionals has expertise in all aspects of food safety and regulatory compliance. Our director is a Product Process Authority. Teaching, research and extension programs are integrated to support the development and success of agricultural, value-added, food products.


Through the center, entrepreneurs have access to established Cornell facilities such as:

  • Analytical Laboratories for extensive product analysis and methods development.
  • Fruit and Vegetable Technology Pilot Plant offers extensive equipment for a wide variety of processing, testing and scale-up operations. Controlled temperature and humidity rooms are available for storage and shelf-life studies.
  • Vinification and Brewing Technology Laboratory is a pilot plant serving wine makers and brewers for collaborative research and development in winemaking and brewing.
  • Food Processing and Development Laboratory includes a 10,000 ft2 pilot plant equipped with a wide selection of pilot-scale equipment, available for use by clients on a contract basis.
  • USDA Approved Meats Laboratory consists of a federally inspected abattoir for cattle, sheep and swine with chill coolers, freezers, meat processing and vacuum packing equipment
  • Dairy Pilot Plant equipped with cheese, yogurt and ice cream processing capabilities.

Geographical Region

Northeast United States: New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey